Foliar Feeders

Our office phalaenopsisDid you know orchids are foliar feeders?  I didn’t. That means they can take in nutrients from their stomata, the breathing pores on the surface of their leaves. An orchid man, Glen Behrman, called.  We talked for a long time about plants, orchids in particular.  He ended up wanting to buy a couple of nitrate bubblers to use on the feed water he mixes the orchids micro-nutrients with.  Glen has been growing orchids for more than 30 years.  I had to tell him I couldn’t sell him any because we were not yet patent pending but as soon as we were I would send him one to try just because he asked.Glenn Behrman

Glen is also involved in a feed the world project called growtainer that grows crops in a converted ocean container, anywhere in the world.