Author: Shawn McClafferty

  • Now what?

    blog2_100_5061[4]My to do list just got a lot longer.
    1.  How much nitrate are we producing?
    2.  How much energy per molecule of nitrate?
    3.  Is this even practical?
    4.  How will plants react to having nitrate instead of ammonia?
    5.  A bunch of other things I don’t even know to ask.
    6.  Who is the best person to measure these effects?

    Noel Currie of Currie Chemical is a PhD chemist and microbiologist who lives and works in  Presque Isle, ME.  Noel was recommended because he had a complete test lab with all the test equipment needed and also did organics and micronutrients for farmers.

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  • Nitrate In The Water

     omnivores dilemma[2] width= Have you ever prayed about something and were answered right away – like within minutes? I don’t know about you but I talk to God and pray about stuff all of the time. It’s normally a one way conversation. This particular instance I was driving and asking God for guidance about a problem I was experiencing using ozone in water purification.

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