About electriGrow

Russ KellerHello. I’m Russ Keller. I am one of the founders and pioneers at electriGrow. We care about our environment and nutritious food for a hungry planet. Our goal is to wean the world off of synthetic fertilizer and harmful chemicals. We are all aware of the overuse of chemicals and their devastating consequences. According to cancer.gov many diseases can be directly attributed to the use of agricultural chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. My wife and I are both cancer survivors so these issues strike close to home.

Because we care about every plot of soil and water source, we have developed a variety of systems to meet the needs of any grower at any stage: small systems for home and garden use and systems large enough for commercial growers, hydroponics and greenhouses. Let us know your requirements and we will provide the system you need. We want to help you reduce spending on chemicals and help your plants grow.

Enjoy a look inside an early test cell showing the “lightning in a bottle” that allows us to fix nitrogen into nitrate using the earth’s own electrical process.

Do something good for your plants and the planet.  We invite you to join us and grow better.