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Generate nitrate on-site


Our patented process uses electricity, air and water to produce nitrate the same way mother nature does with air, lightning and water.  Aqueous ozone is also created in the process.  This eliminates pathogens such as E coli. The ozone quickly reverts back to oxygen, stimulating healthy root growth.

On-Site Nitrate

Imagine no longer buying chemical nitrogen fertilizer, no transport, no storage and no hazmat issues. Create nitrate and oxygenate your water on site with electricity – no ammonia and no salts – just nitrate and water. The process is so efficient that thousands of gallons of treated irrigation water can be processed with very little power.

Increase Production

You will see increased germination.  Your plants will be more productive and have healthier root systems. Potting tests at independent labs and greenhouses indicate a 16% increase in biomass and a 20% increase in seed germination. These increases help your plants prosper.


Combining nitrate, ozone/oxygen and copper ions has the added benefit of working together to create a greater result than the addition of each process separately. This symbiosis brings health and vigor to your crop.

Low Cost

The technology behind this process has proven to give years of reliable service with very low operational and maintenance costs. Our Combination Nitrate Nutrient and Ion Generators are designed for industrial and commercial service. Low costs and high benefits provide fast and ongoing return on investment.

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Let electriGrow show you how to harness nature’s own growth formula to lower costs and increase productivity, organically, inexpensively and reliably.

For more information or to find out how your particular application can benefit, email us at info@electrigrow.com or call 919 235-2562.